Florida Ammo Traders

a T15 Industries LLC Company

We gladly handle transfers of firearms for our customers. The fee for our service is $25.00 per non-nfa firearm. There is also a background check fee from FDLE which is an additional $5.00.

Once you have purchased your firearm contact us with the sellers name, address, and email address. We need to know if the seller is a licensed dealer or not. We will also need to know what type of firearm you are transferring, your contact info, and any invoice or auction number you may have. You can email this information to us.

Be advised that we are not responsible for the condition of your firearm, nor any accessories which may or may not come with it. Remember, we are not making the sale to you, merely facilitating the transfer of a firearm that you already own.

If the firearm arrives without a trigger lock you will need to bring your own before removing the firearm from the premises or we can sell you one for $5.00.

We will store your firearm(s) without charge for 30 days allowing you time to complete transfer paperwork and effect pick up. This is a gratuitous bailment. After 30 days you will be charged storage at a rate of $10.00 per day per firearm.

Additionally, as we are not selling you the firearm, be advised that we do not collect sales tax. You may however owe tax based upon Florida Sales and Use Tax laws; this is solely your responsibility.

*** The following firearms are not ones which we stock, nor recommend to any of our customers, therefore the fee for transfer of the following firearms is $50.00 per firearm plus the $5.00 FDLE fee ***



NFA: SBS, SBR, AOW, Suppressors, $75. MGs $100.